Membership Levels

Memberships include access to the lab during member hours, complimentary lab safety and orientation courses, instruction on lab workstations and equipment, special invitations to lab events and activities, and one free guest visit per month. All memberships will require members to purchase their own consumables. Memberships are valid for one month (or year if paid annually) from the date of purchase. All memberships purchased on a yearly basis will receive a discount of one month. All levels of membership require users to complete applicable safety training before any facility use.

Dabbler Membership - $12/mo (Six Month Contract then Month to Month)

Hobbyist Membership - $25/mo (Six Month Contract then Month to Month) 

Part-Time Innovator Membership - $50/mo (Six Month Contract then Month to Month) 

Full-Time Innovator - $75/mo (Six Month Contract then Month to Month) 

*Sessions DO NOT rollover from month to month. Sessions may be split into 30-minute segments. 

Intellectual Property
Anything that you create at the Innovation Pipeline belongs to you. In order to help promote our facility and further strengthen our community, we do ask that you give credit to the Innovation Pipeline as the founding location for your creation. If you are wishing to patent your creation, we can direct you to the resources that will be able to assist with this. In using the Innovation Pipeline, you agree to be photographed with your creations, and you understand that the photographs may be posted to our website, which other people may see.

Materials and Supplies
There will be an inventory of materials on hand for use within the Innovation Pipeline that can be purchased through the member portal. You may bring in your own materials to use within the Innovation Pipeline as well, however, we require a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) to be provided for any materials that are to be used in a machine. Reclaimed or used materials can only be permitted when approved by the Innovation Pipeline Staff. In the case of digital metal machining, no used materials will be allowed.

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